About Us


The award-winning Gol Gol Hotel is positioned on one of the most enviable real estate locations to be found. The hotel is ideally situated with front entry off one of Australia’s major highways, the Sturt Highway, and from the rear, via Australia’s greatest waterway, the Murray River.
This historic hotel is truly a focal point of the thriving NSW township of Gol Gol and surrounding district. It is geographically situated 1005km south-west of Sydney, and a lazy 25-minutes by river vessel, or a 10-minute car trip from the bustling Victorian regional centre of Mildura.
The hotel has undergone many changes over the years. Parts of the hotel are original while many are progressively being upgraded to meet the expectations of modern consumers. The Hotel is proud of its pub traditions and is renowned for its cold beers, tasty food, facilities, great entertainment and importantly top class service and good cheer for tourists and local alike. The ‘Golly” is a fair dinkum Aussie pub, with a great Aussie feel… it’s a people pub!!

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Our History
Originally established in 1877 the affectionately known Golly, continues to be a much-loved traveller’s rest, eatery and “watering hole” for the surrounding district.

First opening as a wine shanty in 1877, the venue was known simply as the Gol Gol Inn. In honour of the venue’s heritage and establishment date, the hotel’s elegant and modern new lounge bar was called 1877. Along with local patrons and a transient population, the Gol Gol Inn served cattle drovers, station hands, woodcutters, camel train drivers and passengers on the Cobb & Co Mail Coaches.  For many years in the late 30’s, the Hotel had one of the few telephones and cars in the area making it a focal point, particularly in times of emergency. The Pretscherer’s purchased the hotel in 1972 after identifying the opportunity to develop a tourist / community-based hotel that simply offered ‘good food’.